Katy Napoleon Hill

The Missing Halo by Katy Napoleon-Hill

An inspiring and witty novel with the underlying message that living in fear also stops you fulfilling the reason you’re here on this planet…

Simon Dunant Dunant Press.               

The Missing Halo is a story of a race against time for Michaela, a young lady with a bank account always in the red, a job she doesn’t like and a life full of fear without purpose.

When she’s knocked down crossing a road in Hampstead, North London she finds herself on a spiritual adventure with an angel who’s lost his halo, and together they both embark on a race against the clock.

Michaela must overcome the things that held her back and stopped her being her true self in life so she can return to earth and Mickey the angel must find his fallen halo so he can regain his status and return to his job in the clouds.

Will Michaela complete her list before time runs out, and will Mickey make it back to his ethereal employment?