Katy Napoleon Hill

About Katy Napoleon-Hill

Katy is a Cumbrian based screenwriter and author. She writes transformational stories about the battles to overcome oppression, the journey to empowerment and the human search for meaning. Katy’s stories are all about freedom, responsibility and personal potential.

She was inspired to start writing by her late mother, who died of cancer shortly after Katy’s 6th birthday.

Katy gained a scholarship at the prestigious Oxfordshire boarding school Carmel College, and was inspired to become a screenwriter by amongst others, former Carmellis such as Roland Joffe, director of the Killing Fields and The Mission.

Katy is a founding partner of media production company Diamond Box Media and draws on her extensive experience in television, radio and film with TCC The Childrens Channel, BBC, Spectrum 558 International Radio and has produced numerous television pitches to UK broadcasters ITV, Scottish Television and Channel 4. Katy has also worked on a number of commercial projects with Universal Studio’s merchandising & licensing division

Katy supports a number of charitable causes including Mind, The Connection at St Martin’s, Cancer Research, The Trevor Project and the International Red Cross and Red Crescent.